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The SPC product range represents the latest generation of water based paint stripers and rust removal products.

Sea to Sky Innovations offer the industry non-toxic and environmentally safe products which are effective on a range of industrial coatings.
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Accelerate Your Projects with S.P.C. Technology !

Accelerate Your Projects with S.P.C. Technology !

SPC 200 TipsThe SPC products are multifunctional water borne products based on new technologies developed by Sea To Sky Innovations and designed to remove various coatings and residues from metal, concrete, brick and wood substrates.

The SPC products target the removal of coatings and residues such as: rust, grease, oil and paint (a wide range of industrial and architectural coatings).

The SPC products are being continually refined as new technologies are developed.

The SPC technology has been successfully used to replace traditional methods as well as to open new possibilities and provide shortcuts to complete difficult projects.

The SPC products are compliant with most current safety and environmental requirements and regulations and will reflect any changes to these regulations as they are implemented.

Benefits of S.P.C. Technology

  • accelerate your projects...
  • reduce your costs and increase profit...
  • minimize waste and reduce treatment costs...
  • minimize health and environmental risks...
  • user and worker friendly products...
  • no residues on substrates use future technology today...

Buildings come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and construction materials. Sea to Sky Innovations has solutions for coating removal and substrate maintenance in the most restrictive of environments, including residential homes, heritage buildings and commercial offices and warehouses. The structures and/or coatings themselves may be hazardous to the removal process—Sea to Sky's solutions deal with these materials in the safest and most environmentally sound methods possible.

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Sea to Sky Innovations has developed an effective water based SPC F1 formula which removes heavy rust and mill scale from steel while still being an environmentally safe process. Unlike typical rust converters SPC products are unique and only attack the rust and not the intact metal surface.

As protection from corrosion the marine industry uses some of the toughest and thickest coatings available on the market today. Replacement of those coatings is normally a very time consuming and an excessively costly process to the ships owner and to the environment.

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The aviation industry demands the highest standards for corrosion free and cost effective coatings removal. The SPC range of products developed by Sea to Sky Innovations Ltd. represents the newest generation of water based paint strippers.

Sea to Sky offers the industry a pH neutral, non-corrosive range of products that are SMI certified and conform to Boeing D6-17487 Rev. N specifications. These products are suitable for use on a wide range of aviation coatings and substrates.

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Made with Water ~ Neutralised with Water....

Surface Preparation Compounds (SPC) developed by Sea to Sky Innovations are biodegradable chemical products that remove coatings and/or rust from a range of common substrates.

SPC products help prepare surfaces for recoating in an environmentally responsible manner and leave the treated substrate ready for coating without additional mechanical abrasion.

This process provides maximum coating adhesion and a solution that significantly reduces labor and overall project costs. More information

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