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About the people behind Sea 2 Sky
Sea 2 Sky's Eco Awarness


Sea to Sky Innovations is an Canadian company that was formed in 1998 and has offices through out the world. Sea to Sky Innovations prides itself and welcomes new industry challenges and meets those challenges with its environmentally responsible chemical solutions.

Sea to Sky Innovations has already designed a range of new generation coatings and rust removal products.

Customers are technically supported worldwide by company representatives and their expertise in the field of coatings and rust removal.

This new generation of products produced by the research and development team are designed to be the safest to use, are environmentally friendly as well as being the most effective in coating and rust removal.

The S.P.C products are designed for application on solid surfaces and will allow a considerable buildup thickness when applied correctly. Most preferred delivery methods are spraying, brushing or application by roller.

Select ingredients parts of the products will penetrate various residues such as paint, rust, grease and oil films to reach the substrate.

The SPC products will interact with the residue to be removed,loosen and break the bonds which hold the residue to the substrate.

To properly clean the substrate, after sufficient exposure of the residues to SPC products, it is preferred to use a pressure washer and cold water. The resulting substrate should be clean and ready for inspection for conformance with the applicable specifications.


  • Minimising Health and environmental risks
  • Using the latest multifunctional water based products
  • Replaces traditional methods
  • Reduces programme times in completion of difficult projects
  • Complies with current safety and environmental requirements

Methods of Application

  • The water based solution, has a unique advantage it is able to be applied by Airless sprayer, roller or brush
  • Airless spraying enables the product to be applied evenly over the substrate, covering larger/difficult areas in shorter time

Method of Removal

This effective method of cleanliness will save time and money

  • Can be manually removed by scraper
  • It can be used internally/externally
  • Can be removed by water blaster (subject to substrate and/or collection restraints)
  • 2 in 1 steam and suction, currently being developed
  • Surface must be neutralised with water following scraping

Key Benefits

  • SPC Technology provides innovative solutions for the removal and cleaning of various surface coatings
  • This unique product has been carefully researched to provide a safe, clean and contained method of removing most single or multi-layered protective coatings
  • Health and environmental risks are minimised using the non- flammable, non-carcinogenic bio-degradable solution
  • Dedicated research professional take pride in offering a reliable and bespoke service
  • Trained staff in the use of specialist equipment for protection, application and removal of surface coatings
  • Ensuring each contract is managed efficiently