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Sea to Sky innovations recognises the fact that coatings for the transportation sector are designed to protect expensive equipment from the destructive forces of weather, pollution mechanical wear and corrosion. The solutions chemically engineered by Sea to Sky offer the transportation sector are very cost effective coating maintenance and corrosion repair systems without the use of specialized equipment or labor. All these solutions are designed with the best interests of the users and the environment in mind.


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Rail cars and their coatings are commonly subjected to the destructive influences of pollution, chemicals, graffiti and exposure to the elements year round. The SPC range of products provides a cost effective method of maintaining the original coating by selectively stripping unwanted graffiti paints and residues from the original coating surface. Should full scale stripping be required SPC products can totally remove coatings in a user friendly and environmentally safe manner.

Recomended Products

  • SPC 203 ~ Paint Removal
  • SPC 801 ~ Graffiti Removal and Internal cleaner

    Commercial vehicles whether they are buses or trucks are coated with a range of products including paints and decals over a range of substrates including, aluminum, steel and a composite materials. Removal of these coatings can be time consuming as care is taken not to damage the coated substrate. Whether the process is in an OEM production or refurbishment environment Sea to Sky Innovations has solutions that deal with the surface preparation of the vehicles including rust removal.

    Recomended Products


    Whether your need be for the OEM market or the repair market automobiles are subject to coating repair and maintenance. SPC products are very effective for the removal of coatings on metal, plastic bumpers or composite materials. Paint chips and rust are easily washed off with just water! SPC products are very applicator friendly and do not require application with special tools and safety gear. Products have no VOC's which make them ideal for use in environmentally controlled areas such as manufacturing plants and repair shops.

    Recomended Products

  • SPC - 203
  • SPC - 801 de-greaser
  • SPC - F2
  • SPC - 901 ~ Safe removal of paint off magnesium